What we do at Art & Giclée Gallery

What we do at Art & Giclée Gallery


fine art prints and reproductions for sale

A Giclée is a fine art printing process that produces high-quality, archival prints with exceptional color accuracy and detail. This printing technique uses advanced technology to produce prints with a wider range of colors and a longer lifespan than traditional printing methods. Our fine art paper is a luxurious, acid-free paper that is perfect for creating high-quality art prints. This paper has a textured surface. It showcases fine details and vivid colors, making it an excellent choice for reproducing paintings, photographs, and other types of artwork.


Artwork for commercial spaces, hotels

Our canvas prints are made with high-quality, museum-grade canvas that is stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. Our canvas prints can be framed or are ready-to-hang. Stretched canvas prints are a great way to add depth and texture to your walls, and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Scanning


Fine art prints from south Carolinas lowcountry

One of the key tools we use to create our prints is the Cruse scanner - a museum-quality scanner that is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. This scanner can capture incredible levels of detail and color accuracy, allowing us to create prints that are true to the original artwork.


Epson large format printer

We provide our customers with the most accurate and stunning reproductions possible, and we achieve this using the latest technology, including Epson large format printers and Epson UltraChrome archival pigment inks. Our Epson large format printers are the industry standard for high-quality art reproductions. These printers use advanced printing technology to produce stunning prints with exceptional color accuracy and detail. They are capable of printing at extremely high resolutions. In addition to our top-of-the-line printers, we use Epson UltraChrome archival pigment inks in our printing process. These inks are specially formulated to produce prints with exceptional longevity and color accuracy. 

Fine Art Reproductions

Art for commercial spaces, restaurants

Whether you're looking for a striking piece to add to your living room, a soothing landscape to hang in your bedroom, or a bold statement piece for your office, we have a wide range of artwork to suit your needs. We are here for your commercial projects too.

Our prints are created using only the highest quality materials and are sure to make a lasting impression. Thank you for choosing The Art & Giclée website as your source for beautiful, high-quality fine art reproductions.

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