Collection: Glen McCaskey

A native of Williamsburg, Virginia, Glen McCaskey and wife Virginia moved to Hilton Head Island in 1970 from New York City.  They were previously married in Philadelphia where both had worked, Glen for several years for the Franklin Institute. Ginny is a Wisconsin gal.  He also had received an MS from the University of Pennsylvania in Philly.  Additionally, there is a BA from William and Mary and another degree in Bible Studies in South Carolina. 

Glen McCaskey is not widely recognized as a photographer but he has been one almost his entire life, with a substantial library to show for it.  .  He has loved “the sport” as he is inclined to call his brand of photography.  He always has felt it was not to be an occupation.  He has had some unexpected, related events, triggered by others, such as an environmental centerfold spread in New York Magazine during his time on that island, numerous regional magazines covers in states where he has worked “real jobs,” and a spread in the Magazine of Washington Post while at William and Mary.

  He has been prolific with his photographic proclivity during his five decades in the Lowcountry and has agreed to share some his favorite images with The Frame Up team from the library he has amassed over the years in the Lowcountry he has not been willing to leave