Collection: HeeJune Shin

I am happy when I paint.

 Regardless of subject matters: in landscape, still life, or portrait, I am "painting light”. Since Monet discovered the joy of seeing colors under various light conditions in the late 1800s, artists have been wrestling with the ephemeral quality of light. 

 I consider myself a colorist in the lineage of Monet, followed by Hawthorne, followed by Hensche, and then followed by Przewodek, my mentor. We create an illusion of the light with colors. It is essential for a colorist to see the colors that are affected by the light truthfully. Under a particular light condition, each moment has a unique set of colors, naturally harmonious colors. This visual realism is different from mechanical realism. Following the footsteps of impressionists, I have sought and I am still seeking the visual growth through  painting Plein air (i.e., painting outdoors on location). The more you understand the relationship between light and colors in nature, the more harmonious colors you can mix with confidence.

 When my work sings the beauty of light in the moment, I am very gratified. I invited you to come along and be delighted. What a privilege it is to know that every moment is truly alive with its own beauty and be able to share it with others! 

 Sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth. Psalm 96:1